"As someone who has suffered from a chronically aching back and stiff back and legs from years of playing racquet sports, karting and hockey, combined with a desk based job, Ruth has revolutionised my physical and mental well being.

She has really listened to my concerns, tailored the sports remedial therapy to aid old injuries and enhance my performance, with improved comfort and range of movement.

Not having to think about muscular pain has allowed me to focus on my job and future sporting events, with a noticeable improvement in explosive energy.

I would highly recommend Ruth to any sporting professional but also to anyone with chronic muscular pain or tightness who needs to feel like a refreshed human being again!"

Dr Aaron McManus MBChB MRCHP . (Age 30)

I started seeing Ruth due to long-term immobility caused by M.E. (or CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I had been bed-ridden for many months and my hope was to get some energy flowing through my body by massage and muscle manipulation. I felt a difference from the first session and five sessions later Ruth was during deep tissue manipulation and strong trigger point release. The help that Ruth has given me to getting back on my feet has been priceless. She is knowledgeable not only with the body but also with which massage oils are beneficial for M.E. sufferers. She is flexible, extremely empathic and the fact that she does house visits has been a life saver. Thanks Ruth - looking forward to my next session!S Dyer

I suffer from arthritis and have taken regular treatments from Ruth for the last 3 months after she was suggested by a friend. At the outset I was quite sceptical as to whether it would benefit me but have found her regular massage treatments to be very helpful in terms is both my mobility and my pain levels, and treatment has also lowered my anxiety levels and improved my sleeping patterns, ( which are added benefits I did not foresee) I would not hesitate to recommend RuthC Jackson

My visits to Ruth for massage have made a real difference to my well being. I've tended to carry my stress and tension in my shoulders. I find after massage my shoulders feel like they did when I was a child. This lasts for increasingly longer periods of time after massages as the muscles regain their memory of this feeling. My work is often physical, is my play. This causes various stresses and strains, particularly in my upper spine and back. Recently I developed tennis elbow which caused other problems as my body tried to accommodate this. The deep tissue massages I have received from Ruth are helping enormously to realign my spine by relaxing the muscles that had gone into spasm. During e massages Ruth quickly finds the muscles that need attention. Her work sometimes feels quite robust as the muscles try to hold on to their tension. However, after the massages, when the muscles have been put back to their relaxed state my body feels in balance.
I believe Ruth's work is vital to correct muscular issues before they cause lasting damage. Ruth works with sound knowledge and intuition. I recommend her very highly.
Joe Smith