You don’t have to be sporty to benefit from a sports massage

Sports massage isn’t just beneficial for sporty people! It is an effective therapy that enables the body to move more freely, alleviating muscular stress and maintaining an overall healthy physical state. Both athletes and non-athletes can gain physiological and psychological benefits sports massage therapy. So you’re an athlete wanting to push your performance to the […]

Sports Massage Clinic in Shepley, Huddersfield

Further to our recent post about our new Sports Massage Clinic in Shepley, Huddersfield I thought it would be useful to provide more information about the premises and the services offered. Further to increased demand, I can now offer appointments Monday to Friday at the clinic in Shepley. The clinic is based at Hollistic Wellbeing which […]

What is the difference between Sport / Remedial / Therapeutic massage?

Firstly, when booking an appointment, you will undergo an initial consultation and assessment which will outline the type of treatment that you require. The techniques that will be used in the massage are tailored to the exact needs of your body and mind. Sports Massage Sports massage is as you would imagine, aimed at someone doing […]

Relieve back pain with these simple exercises

Want to reduce back pain? Try these simple exercises that may help to ease your discomfort: Improving back pain can not be done instantly but carrying out a few simple exercises can help to ease it. If your spine is in deep agony then it is better to seek advice. The back needs to be calmed […]

Runners – when you feel pain, do you carry on or rest?

As the London Marathon approaches and more and more UK runners are out on the streets. Runners are often faced with something of a dilemma if they are suffering aches, pain or have a niggle. Do you try and run through it or will that put you at risk of developing a more serious problem […]